I started working in the travel industry in 1982, first as a corporate agent working with business travelers and branched into leisure and adventure travel. I took a hiatus from the travel industry to run a family business, but my passion for travel led me back to a job I loved…being a travel coordinator.

I’m excited to use my travel experience to help you achieve the honeymoon of your dreams. Each trip I plan is personalized to your preferences and designed to create lasting memories.  The saying goes “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you DIDN’T do than by the one you did do.” Bring your ideas and I will tailor your honeymoon and thoughtfully plan out the details!

Did you know some resorts offer free wedding & honeymoon with a three night stay or more?

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Some of My Favorite Places


Visit castles and stroll through elaborate walled gardens. Visit a perfumery and create your own scent.  Explore the beautiful countryside and end your days in a cozy pub with lively music and locals. Enjoy a bottle of wine by the Atlantic seaside in Lahinch or Galway. Visit the Cliffs of Moher or hike through Connemara National Park. The people of Ireland truly are welcoming and the country will leave you wanting to go back again and again.


Having lived in California, this is state that has so, so much to offer. The weather is great, the beaches are great, the vineyards are great, the food is great. Sleep on a yacht in Ventura Harbor, rent a car and drive up the coast to Napa, take a day trip to Catalina Island and go for a bike ride. The possibilities are endless!

The Bahamas, Hawaii and Jamaica

Beaches, beaches, and more beaches.  Beautiful beaches and hot and sunny weather. What more could you want? Inclusive resorts, beachside bungalows, and adventurous day trips. Swim, snorkel, surf, or just kick back with a drink.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!” 

Visit my blog “Bliss Travels” and get an insight peek to some of my travels.

Trips to…
…soak up the sun on beaches in the Bahamas, Hawaii and Jamaica.
…admire the mountains and landscapes in Alaska and Colorado.
…explore nature in the wonderful National and State parks all over the US.
…experience the culture of England, Ireland, and Buenos Aires.  
…photograph the beautiful architecture in New Orleans and Chicago.

Travel is truly the only thing you buy that makes you richer. I can’t wait to plan your honeymoon and the adventures after.