Nuptial Services

Simply Lovely


Ceremony length 10 minutes or less

Preplanning conversation up to 30 minutes by phone

Location within 10 miles of Anoka, MN*

2 guests as witness (provided by Bride & Groom)

Your vows or standard vows



All of Simply Lovely Ceremony

Guest list to 125

Location within Minneapolis/St. Paul 

Bliss Nuptials + Honeymoon

combine both services and save!

(Saving value $150)

*Simply or Lovely Ceremony

*Curated just for you honeymoon package

*Knowledge of a variety of resorts and an understanding of the requirements needed for the honeymoon package

*Create special experiences, Romantic extras, Perks and Amenities and the Best Suites




Prompt and legal officiating

Personal and prompt response to your inquiry, your choice of venue/location, planning conversation by phone – in person – face time, completion and mail in of official license. Your choice of above package, or customize you own. *quote for other distances



BLISS Nuptial Services