I love this saying:   We are all tourists, God is our travel agent who has already identified our routes, bookings and destinations – trust him and enjoy life.

Canyonlands 2020 Journey:   My husband and I joined a Globus Escape Tour in mid Novemember.  Covid times presents a half full bus on our tour and we are loving the extra space and small group size.  My mind drifts in and out of a hazy fog on this trip as the new rules of travel apply and I wonder,  is this the future of all travels to come?   I realize I am just glad to partake in this essence of beauty provided to us and I will proudly display all my new mask fashions purchased for our tour!


Our week of travels went fast as each day brought us new adventures, new sights and new friends.  It brings me so much joy to share amazing sights created for us and to share with my beloved husband makes the memory even better!