My husband and I landed in MoBay to join our friends for a destination wedding.  Our All-Inclusive resort – The Secrets Wild Orchid.

Upon check in we received champagne and headed out to the pool to join the others who were already in swimsuits, with cocktails in hand and enjoying vacation Jamaican style, or should I say All-Inclusive resort style!

This vacation will be fun, relaxing and short lived as wedding events are planned for all days here, except one.  My thoughts are to explore the island, but the beach lounge chairs keep calling my name.  I tell myself it’s ok to just relax, soak up the sun and scenery and enjoy another Red Stripe.

The wedding.  Absolutely beautiful with a stunning ocean backdrop, dancing in white sand between our toes, lanterns lit and set free at dusk with well wishes for the bride and groom.  I believe all guests had happy tears on their cheeks – I certainly did!

Jamaica Motto:  Out of many, One people. 

Just lovely.