It’s the middle of September 2016 and I have just landed in New Orleans for a girlfriend trip ( actually a working trip) with Holly.  I am to meet her at the hotel – The Hilton Riverside, as she arrived yesterday.
Once outside to hail the cab, I am reminded very quickly that I did not pack according to the temperature.

My wardrobe is clearly fine for the air condition of the hotel, but outside at 90 and 100% humidity, I will have to put shopping a priority on my list!  I obviously do not go south much!

It has been over 25 years since I last landed in New Orleans – a city I said I would never visit again – But, the lure of a week off work and my first event photography conference that Holly booked for me was something I was not going to pass up.

I immediately notice the city has softened – could it be the togetherness that took place after the rebuilding? Or, have my eyes grown weaker and only notice things from a softer point of view.?/  I do know that Alec being of the same age when I first came here – would absolutely love it!

Thought:  How come I know no French at all!
Note:  Practice up on some basic French when I return,  1 hour in this city, and I know I am coming back for to 3rd time.

The view from our 11th floor hotel room is of the Mighty Mississippi  the same river that flows through my h one town of Anoka.  Mother Nature is simple spectacular.

I unpack, Holly returns from her day at the conference set up and we disappear to a fabulous outdoor cafe on the river for Crazy Lobster Bloody Mary’s. This is a perfect jealousy picture to send to my husband, since this is his favorite cocktail.  Snap:  Selfie’s  – sent – this begins much banter!

September 17, 2016

Early morning and hard work was in for us today as it was the arrival day of the conference attendee s.
This night we had to the Carousel Bar in the lobby of Hotel Monteplere. the atmosphere was just was ordered. Relaxing, stunningly beautiful, crisp cold Chardonnay and fabulous shrimp appetizer. A stroll back to the hotel and we both jumped quickly into our beds.

September 18, 2016

Up early and back to work for both of us.  Me, taking pictures (It always seems to amaze me how people warm up to the camera lens).  Another exhausting day but we find comforts of Mothers Cafe in the evening.  This place has all the hustle and bustle of any diner, very loud, beer is served in a can.  The southern comfort food brings warmth.

September 19, 2016

No work for me today, so I head out alone to take on the French Quarter.  A very long out of the way stroll takes me to the city graveyard.  $20 for the tour, but the tour guide was spectacular and worth every penny.

The morning started with coffee and benyays at Cafe Du Mond, actually every morning has started that way and I am feeling  the lbs.! I walk through Jackson Square thinking I will walk through the church, mass is in session so I continue on.  The artists in this town are over the top creative – Is that a garage door section painted in a brilliant landscape for someone’s wall?   I should purchase for the office. 

Walking around I discover an artist I found a few years back – is her studio really in the French Quarter?  Yes it is.  I cannot wait to bring Holly here.

Holly had clean up until 12n.  When she was off we went to discover another part of New Orleans:  Walked through the arts district,  this looks like an up and coming neighborhood of young professionals.  I am surprised at the price of real estate!

We stop to gaze at the forced fun, but fun people are having. A mini Mardi Gras at  Harrah’s has the streets shut down with police escorts who seem very familiar with the routine of the marching band, and dressed up street buses.  I know they have done this a million times, but everyone enjoys the spirit of the city and everyone seems to pull out the cell phone for quick snapshots. 

September 20, 2016

Finally, everyone has left the convention and Holly and I have a full day of exploring! A $3 trolley ride get you around the city for the entire day.  I would truly recommend this if you visit and please take the trolley in every direction, no route disappoints!

We head to the French Quarter for the flea market, it is early morning and the sweat is already oozing from our pores.  We decide to cool off with Sangria’s while shopping the market, white for me, Red for Holly.  Well, those went down fast, we will grab another before we leave the market and hit the streets!

This city is lovely.  The architecture and the people draw you in. 

Be sure to visit City Park, the lakes, botanical gardens and StoryLand provide rest, relaxation and fun!