Panama Delayed

As a travel advisor I cannot tell you how much we look forward to visiting new places, new adventures, new parts of the world.

 In April my husband and I were set to travel to Panama,  Covid-19 put a halt on this adventure and many adventures for many people.  Our 5 days in a country that we were looking forward to seeing for the first time was cancelled.  As unhappy thoughts crossed my mind….how could this happen……I have worked hard……..I deserve some vacation….rest…..relaxation….beach….sand……history……jungle…..sloths!  It did not take long to escape from  my woe is me moment to realize this was not a cancel  – it was a delay! 

Panama delayed is really all this is,  soon we will get to drive to the airport, board our plane and visit a country we have never seen.  

The one thing I do know about traveling: There is no place like home,  so we will retreat to our home and know that the panama jungles will be waiting for us and those words –  No Place Like Home – will keep us grounded with a smile.