The Art of Clearwater Beach –

I will admit Florida to me is like going to visit my Minnesota neighbors at the beach. However, I needed a getaway and had never been to this town in Florida so why not?  I love a place where I do not need to rent a car, an easy Uber ride from the Tampa airport and once you are checked into your hotel your feet and the town trolley will do the rest.

At first glance this is what I expected, a town full of tourists doing what tourists do, I am also a tourist.

What I love about Clearwater Beach is the unexpected surprise, my most loved surprises where tucked away around every corner and down every alley.   Here you can find painted murals on the facades of buildings, statues, and art signs by local artists adorning the streets. This soon became a fun game to me as I started posting the art on fb and asked my friends “Where am I “?  To my surprise – know one knew.   I hope this does not mean that as travelers we stay on the main drag and neglect to turn the corner and enter down the undiscovered alley.

If you do visit and do choose to wander down the side roads, this is where you will find the sleepy beach town come to life.  There will be a stool waiting for you at the local pub, you will be surrounded by the Floridians who will make you feel right at home.  This is where you find the true heart of Clearwater Beach, this to my surprise is why I will visit again.