Hello My Hairy Coo

December in Scotland with a post in London is a wonderful time to visit the United Kingdom not to mention the low tour costs for out of season, if you choose to travel by tour.

Most of the time I just get up and go and take in everything a destination has to offer that I can squeeze in over a long weekend.   Other times I choose to tour as in this Globus Scottish Highlands Tour.  Escorted tours are SO EASY, and this of course is the charm.  Another reason for escorted tours is that I always meet like minded travel bugs like myself.

For this tour I grabbed my lifelong travel girlfriend and crossed the pond.  Travel Perk: Your lifelong travel girlfriend who has medallion level status with Delta SkyMiles, the upgrades while flying are always appreciated!

“Wow” in sign language will always be our memory of this trip for the good and the bad.

The City of Edinburgh is a very good “Wow” for all things Royal and Harry Potter. While strolling the Royal Mile from Holyrood Palace to Edinburgh Castle stop in for some mulled wine at No. 1 High Street.

If you are an Outlander fan a must “Wow” is the Culloden Battle fields, take time to stroll the paths on the field and visit the grave markers of the gallant highlanders including the Fraser Clan in peaceful quietness with the mountain backdrop.  Yes, I did shed a tear.

Traveling along Loch Ness and Loch Lomond an awesome “wow” for the beauty and a disappointing
“wow” as Nessie did not show!

St Andrews a very good “wow” the seashores, University and golf, walkable with fun shops and graveyards.  My personal “wow” the dogs enjoying their best life on the seashore with their humans!

Columba Inverness hotel is a bad “wow” to have the charm of this beauty on the river Ness overlooking Inverness Castle fall to dismal standards is heartbreaking. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope they recover from the fallout of the pandemic.   A good “wow” moment sitting in the hotel window nook overlooking the river while enjoying wine and waving to passerby’s walking in the rain.

My girlfriend will agree with me on this “wow” moment our best “wow” moment of this journey was the seaside town of Oban.  The Oban Bay Hotel will always be in my heart for my Ghost and Mrs. Muir moment.  This hotel has so much hospitality and warmth I cannot wait to return (in the summer next time).  My Captain Gregg did not show but I know he was with me in spirit!  To be truthful my husband is my Captain Gregg – he is so sexy even after 31 years!

Cross the bridge for some local flair to the island of Seil to visit or stay at Tigh An Truish “The house of troosers” (trousers).  Fun fact highlanders had to remove their kilts at the bridge and put on trousers before entering the city. .

Our time in Scotland was too short and our long list of “wows” were all not mentioned but will always be with us and show up very random in our late-night laughs when we have girlfriend time.

If you like outdoors, hiking, history, bourbon and friendly people a visit to Scotland is for you!

We continued to London for a 2-night post you can read all about that here: https://blissweddingnuptials.com/london-in-a-day/